One In A Hundred(Chords)


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Key: D
Capo on 3rd fret

verse 1 
D              G    Em              A 
Don't you come down, don't you feel bad 
D                Bm                G                   A 
Even though your dreams are of the things you've never had 
D            G     Em           A 
Close to the earth, near to the sun 
D              Bm 
Reflecting your own life 
        G                A            D     C G   D   Bm G   D 
You can see that you can be more than one 

verse 2 
               G    Em           A 
Hear the bells ring, morning has come 
D        Bm               G                 A 
Over the town the morning star fades in the dawn 
D         G   Em           A 
Voices of time bringing surprise 
D           Bm             G 
Voices that sing in waking moments 
        A           D     C G   D   Bm G  A     G 
To look into life's eye 

                      A                    D       G 
Aren't you glad it's another day, look and tell 
                         A                 C                 A      D 
So you thought you would run away, but you know that way too well 

verse 3 
           G     Em             A 
Rhythms of rhyme, seasons shall say 
D            Bm                G            A 
To look at a longer life now a longer yesterday 
D              G    Em                   A 
Don't you come down, you know you're the one 
D            Bm 
Looking at tomorrow 
         G                 A            D     C G   D   Bm G  D 
Let your troubles fade and fly into the sun 
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