Six Pence None The Richer
Key: B
    B  A   C   B  A  C    B  A  C    B  A 

instru throughout verses: 
  D  Eb      E   Eb     D  Eb      E   Eb 
Tell me father are you riding on 
The fictional bus up to heaven above? 
Do you listen to the angels on the outskirts, have they persuaded you? 
Oh tell me father, perhaps you have been persuaded before 
I just want to know where your body and soul roam tonight 
			G     Em	 C 
But I know I'll never know until I pass away to the next life 
		   G		   Em		C 
I know I'll never know where your soul roams tonight 
Until I reach the afterlife 
Kneeling in this church of stone on this pew reading my prayer book 
'We commend to You Lord all the souls who have died' 
As you walk in the garden is the grass broken glass on your feet? 
I want to believe when I think how I wasted my chance 
...Until I reach the 
    D		  C2		    D	       C2 
And mother and I pray that it would happen someday 
	  D	 C2		VAMP (2x) 
We would find you where we're going 
repeat CHORUS and fade 

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