Six Pence None The Richer

Road to Zion(Chords)

Six Pence None The Richer

Key: Dm
Intro:  Dm*  Gm  Dm  (the one in the first three frets) Am Dm 
           Dm                Gm 
There is a Way that leads to life  
             Dm      Am    Dm 
The few that find it never die 
              Dm                      Gm 
Past Mountain peaks graced white with Snow 
              Dm       Am    Dm     
The way grows brighter as it goes 
Dm         F    C         Dm 
There is a road inside of you 
Gm        Dm       Am     Dm  
Inside of me there is one too 
Dm           F       C      Dm 
No stumbling pilgrim in the dark 
            Gm     Am      Dm 
The Road to Zion's in your heart 
          Dm              Gm           
The river runs beside the road 
            Dm     Am      Dm 
It's waters living as they flow 
          Dm              Gm 
In liquid voice the water calls 
           Dm    Am        Dm 
On thirsty knees a pilgrim falls 
               Dm           Gm 
Sometimes it's good to look back down 
              Dm        Am          Dm 
We've come so far we've gained such groud 
           Dm                 Gm 
But joy is not in where we've been  
             Dm      Am     Dm  
Joy is who's waiting at the end 
            Dm              Gm 
Sometimes a shadow dark and cold 
             Dm    Am        Dm 
Hangs like a mist across the road 
       Dm                 Gm 
But be encouraged by that sight 
                Dm     Am        Dm  
Where there's a shadow there's a light 

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