Six Pence None The Richer


Six Pence None The Richer

Key: F
Verse: F - C - Dm - Bb - F 
Bridge: Gm - C - Bb 
Chorus: F - Bb - Dm - C - Bb 
Lyrics: (The best I could do) 
Verse 1: 
Take my sorrow and my sin, I will  
run into your arms again, holy father 
Once agian, my tears are dried by your 
perfect love that's river wide, overflowing 
Bridge 1: 
As I stand out in thanks with my arms 
overhead I am overcome... 
As I breathe,  The Air of heaven joining 
in your fragrance 
When I breathe,  I feel your voice calling 
out inside of me, your the breath that I  
Verse 2: 
Covered by the evening sky I turn my 
gaze to where your kingdom lies 
deep inside my heart. 
A silent whisper in my mind Sweet surrender 
to your love devine peace and hunger. 
Bridge 2: 
In the stillness I empty my soul and  
your healing presence comes..  
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