Siobhan Donaghy


Siobhan Donaghy

Key: Am

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        Verso 1: 
Am	G 
Truly, it's for real 
Dm	            F 
We all have to deal with shame 
Am	     G 
Do we watch, do we ever stop 
Dm           F  
Another drop everyday 
Am          G  
Here we are running round 
Dm                F  
The circle's like a penny's round 
Am           G 
For revenge, we would say 
Dm             F     
You would look and be amazed 
1: A9 You... G Tire... Dm Us... C Am The little bits of misery
Am G Feeling everything Dm F All the problems i will bring Am G You might think that, that i'm OK Dm F There's one word less that you can say Am G Fooling us like you fool yourself Dm F You're in danger from your wealth Am G Treating stuff with no regard Dm F Nothing sacred we are scarred
2: A9 You... G Won't... Dm Take... C No rift from me A9 In... G Every... Dm Place... C We feel defeat A9 And you... G Tire us... Dm Out... C Am The little bits of misery
Ponte: D F We... Got there C G Went... Oh yeah D F Maybe... Maybe C G We should take... A re-check Repete Refrão 2 (x2)
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