Simone Felice

Bye Bye Palenville(Chords)

Simone Felice

Key: G

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	        Bye bye Palenville - Simone Felice 

G                D 
Hey winter bird, hey baby 
                        Am Bm C 
ain't you heard you can fly 
so why do you stay? 

Well I guess I know how that feels, when the 
Devil is at your heels and boy 
the worm in your brain 
got you lying awake 

But I could never understand, 
how a living breathing man 
could run away and 
leave his kids in the cold 

You can aim your blows at me 
you can pray the rosary, but in the end 
we meet our maker alone 

And daddy said  
G       Em 
bye bye Palenville 
bye bye Palenville 
Jesus don't we fall to pieces, 
the country night's so god damn still, 
bye bye Palenville

Written by David Baron/Simone Felice

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