Simon & Garfunkel

Star Carol(Chords)

Simon & Garfunkel

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Key: C
C                    Dm          G 
Long years ago, on a deep winter night. 
Am      E   Am         F          E 
High in the heavens, a star shone bright. 
Dm           Dm        Em       Em 
While in the manger, a wee baby lay. 
F                    C   F  C 
Sweetly asleep, on a bed of hay. 

C                        Dm      G 
Jesus our lord, was that baby so small. 
Am       E  Am          F      E 
Lay down to sleep, in a humble stall. 
Dm            Dm           Em         Em 
Then came the star, and it stood over head. 
F                              C  F    C 
Shedding its light, 'round his li-ttle head. 

C                    Dm        G 
Dear baby Jesus, how tiny thou art. 
Am        E Am         F          E 
I'll make a place, for thee in my heart. 
Dm           Dm            Em        Em 
And when the stars, in the heavens I see. 
F                    C     F  C 
Ever and always, I'd think of thee... 
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