Silver Jews

Pretty Eyes(Chords)

Silver Jews

Key: G

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G               D 
Everybody wants perspective from a hill 
Am                    G             G/F# 
but everybody's wants can't make it past the window sill 
I can see you in yourt room at night 
the pictures on your walls 
little forest scenes and high school halloweens 
but they don't come to you 
they don't come to you at all 

All houses dream in blueprints 
our house dreams so hard 
Outside you can see my shoeprints 
           G            G/F# 
I've been dreaming in your yard 

E                                 Am 
One of these days these days will end 
E                           Am 
Thru the kitchen window the light will bend 
E                                  Am 
You'll be carving a pumpkin with a knife 
when someone at the table says 
G                  G/F# 
'that's not what I call a life!' 

G                                     D 
The elephants are so ashamed of their size 
Am                               G      G/F# 
hosing down I tell them 'you got pretty eyes' 
G                             D 
Out in the backyard I used to make like I was a cowboy 
Am                                    G        G/F# 
I'd set my dog before a hoop and say 'now boy, now boy!' 

When the governer's heart fails 
the state bird falls from its branch 
E                        Am 
Icicles on hell's higher hills 
E                          Am 
Meanwhile back home at the ranch 
I still get up early in the morning 
      G            G/F# 
and I never knew a better place 

G                                         D 
I believe the stars are the headlights of angels 
driving from heaven to save us to save us 
Won't you look at the sky? 
G                           G/F# 
They're driving from heaven into our eyes 
G                                     D 
and though final words are so hard to devise 
Am                                       G           G/F# 
I promise that I'll always remember your pretty eyes your pretty eyes

Written by David Berman

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