Sidewalk Prophets

Change This Heart(Chords)

Sidewalk Prophets

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Key: Em
Intro: G  C  D  C  |G  C  D  C  (2x)  
Verse 1 :
Em                  C        G/B               C  
I've been trying to run away from this false reality  
   Em             C                    G/B             C  
No matter where I turn my back, You're always right in front of me  
     Em7       C         G/B                 C  
So I push You away but I don't know that I'm wrong  
        Em7               C      G/B                D  
I don't know the words to say to make my faith that strong  
G C D Em7 So I will pray to You right now to take away my sin G C D Em7 Heal away my brokenness and change this heart again G/B C D Em Without You I am nothing but a weak and dying man G C D (Em7) So I will pray to You right now, come change this heart again G C D (So I will pray to You my Lord and change this heart again) second time on chorus
Interlude: Em C |G/B Em7 Verse 2: Em C G/B C What is going through the motions if my life is still the same Em C G/B C Everyday's the same old puzzle, all the pieces re-arranged Em7 C G/B C And I refuse Your help, out of my own selfish pride Em7 C G/B D Lord I have so many masks to cover up and hide Chorus Ending: Em C G/B Em7 Em C G/B Em7
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