Shred Kelly

New Black(Chords)

Shred Kelly

Key: C
intro C Cadd9 

C           Cadd9 
Good life - privilege time 
C                Cadd9 
Nothing to cause doubt 
C               Cadd9 
A tinder inside finds a spark 
    Am       G 
And burns my senses out 

C           Cadd9 
Past life - once lived  
C                  Cadd9 
Finds its way back in 
C                Cadd9 
Butterflies make lousy pets 
     Am            G 
They nest under my skin 

C            Cadd9 
I?ll go away   
C            Cadd9 

C         Cadd9 
Fearing - nothing 
C             Cadd9 
Nothing is to fear 
C                  Cadd9 
A loss of faith in everyone 
     Am         G      
Your heart will disappear 

C       Cadd9 
Value - nothing 
C              Cadd9 
We don?t own a thing 
C                Cadd9 
Rich men say the poor will rise  
    Am             G 
And take back everything 

G C At the end of this long day G C Will they look back with great shame ? G C Cause everyone?s insane Dm F G C Cadd9 Take me away C Cadd9 Away
C Cadd9 It?s the new black - education C Cadd9 Taught with handheld fun C Cadd9 Breeding psycopathic men Am G For a psycopathic run C Cadd9 And a gale is blowing on the coast C Cadd9 The city has been killed C Cadd9 Teenage riot, armed with phone Am G It?s a taught and branded thrill Chorus Solo C G C C G C C Dm F G x4 last G held Chorus Outro C Cadd9 x2 C Dm F G x4 C held at end.

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