Shelby Lynne

I Won't Leave You(Chords)

Shelby Lynne

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Key: C
C                   F 
Come in out of the rain 
       C        F 
It's morning again 
   C    F 
I understand 
C    F    Dm      G 
Hope you need me when you're well 
Dm       G 
What the hell 
        C    F 
I wont leave you 

C F C F 

Am         G 
Oh my, can see the time, 
    F               C 
Has come for you to cry 
Am                   G 
Oh my, can't say goodbye 
F                 C 
Lovin you is the reason 
C           F        C 
Sleep now, rest your head, 
C          F 
Sleep your pain, 
C        F     C   F   Dm         G      F 
When you play, in your dreams so safe to see 
Dm        G     Dm     G 
It's your time, we got time, 
             C     F 
But I won't leave you 
C       F 
I won't leave you. 
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