Sharon Van Etten


Sharon Van Etten

Key: C

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C  Am  x2 


Am          C/G 
   Hit the ground 
Am            F 
   the yard i found something 
         G       G7         C/G 
   i could taste your mouth 
Am            C/G 
   shut the door 
Am               F          C/G 
   now in the sun tanning 
F             C/G 
   you were so just 
F             C/G       G 
   looking across the sky 
F    C/G             
   can't remember  
F    C/G   G      F 
   i can't recall no 
     C/G            F 
   i can't remember 
        G       G7  
   anything at all 


Am                  C/G 
   you skipped the sunrash 
Am            F              C/G 
   looking across the grass 
Am            C/G 
   said he wanted 
Am             F 
   not that i'm every  
                       C/G        G 
   it's the same i could mean you were right 
F    C/G      F 
   everyone else  
   hasn't a chance 
    F     C/G  
   don't fail me now  
F        C/G  G  G7 
   open arms rest 


Am        C/G  
   let's run under 
Am            F            C/G 
   cursing myself at night 
Am         C/G    
   slow it was seven 
Am              F    
   i wished it was seven all night 
F    C/G     F           C/G     G      F 
   tell me when. tell me when is this over 
     C/G         F          C/G 
   chewed you out chew me out  
         G      F  
   when i'm stupid  
  C/G           F 
   i don't wanna  
         C/G   G    F   
   everyone else pales 
   C/G            F 
   send in the owl 
             C/G    G   
   tell me i'm not a child 


Am          C/G 
   you summon 
Am            F       C/G   Am 
   forget about everyone else 
   fall away somehow 

C/G  Am x2 

F    C/G      Am   C/G   Am 
   figure it out 

F   C/G

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