Seventh Wonder

The Great Escape And The Earth Wept(Chords)

Seventh Wonder

Key: C

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	        Intro: Em7  C9  D4  D 

   G          C9       D4 
I tuck you in ever so gently 
            Em       C           D 
Still you cried and turned from me 
You stepped on my heart 
I forgave you just like mothers do 
                   C              D    Em7 
From under your shoes I still carried you 

         C                  Cm 
Soon my body will burn into ashes and dust 
     G                        Em7 
And rain will turn all that glitter to rust 
One last pill for the pain 
D                    G  B7 
Sit down, let me explain 

         Em    Bm 
Why my bruises stay 
     C                     G     D 
My child I know you never meant to 
        Em7       Bm 
These scars just won't fade away 
         C        G         D 
And I'm sure you never knew 

       G          D    
I give up, I give in 
        Em                      C 
Help December let a new year begin 
             G            D 
Take what's left and move on 
     Cm7  B7 
Fly away 
Be gone

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