Selina X JM

Glorious King(Chords)

Selina X JM

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Key: D
Intro: D - Bm - G 

You sent Your son to set me free 
It was Your love that brought me here 
       G                  Em 
For while I was still a sinner 
        D                   A 
The risen savior died for me 

You took my place and broke the chain 
You took my sin and got the shame 
You paid the price that I deserve 
Jesus You stand forevermore 

D For this heart cannot contain Bm Everything You've done for me G Em No one can ever explain D A The wonders You made for me
Bridge: G Em You wash me clean from my guilt D A You purify me from my fall G Em You give me victory over death D or D/F# A All through my glorious king (2x) Chorus 2: For Your love endures the test of time Conquered the grave and me life Nothing can ever separate That one thing remains, You reign
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