Sawyer Brown

This Missin' You Heart Of Mine(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: C
It's a January night 
  C        F         C 
There's a cold wind blowing 
  C        F     C 
But it's colder knowing 
           Em          G 
You'll be gone a long time 
The weather man is right 
  C        F           C 
There's a mean storm hissing 
  C       F         C          Em    G  C 
It don't help this missin you heart of mine 
C G Stoke the fire, read a book F G Give the storm another look C G Just to keep my hands and mind occupied C G Oh, tonight I just wish F Em That I knew what to do with C Em G C This missin' you heart of mine
C I keep tryin to call F C I get the operator F C She says try back later Em G There's trouble on the line C I sing it to the night F C And if you'll just listen F C Em G C You can hear this missin' you heart of mine (CHORUS)

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