Sawyer Brown

The Secretary Song(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: E
Intro: E B E 
Verse 1 
When those Monday blues won?t let go of you 
         B                            E 
Is there some place that you?d rather be 
I?d give anything to make your phone stop ringing 
         A                B 
Pull you into my arms and take you with me 

E You weren?t made just to be a secretary A B You were made for love A You got that something extraordinary E B I been dreaming of A E I thank my lucky stars above A B E That you were made for love
Verse 2, same chords I know you?re busy girl and it?s a high tech world But its made of more than glass and steel Deep inside your heart there?s a softer part With all of those things you?ve been waiting to feel Chorus Bridge C# G# All those CPA?s with their reserved space F# B In the parking lot want their coffee pots C# G# And those three-piece suits with their wingtip shoes F# A B Walking over you don?t know what they got Chorus

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