Sawyer Brown

The Race Is On(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: E
The Race Is On 
Sawyer Brown 
Intro - Just pick the bass notes 
Verse 1 
I feel tears welling up growing deep inside 
             A                       E 
Like my heart sprung a big break 
And each step along it's sharp and painful 
And I may never say 
You might say that I was taken it hard 
               A                              E  
Since you hooked me off with a call 
But don't you wager that I'll hide in sorrow 
                 B7                             E 
When I might lay right down and bawl  
E Now the race is on and here comes Pride in the back stretch A E Heartaches going to the inside My tears are holding back B7 They're trying not to fall E My heart's out of the running A E To love scratch for another sake The race is on and it looks like heartaches B7 E And the winner looses all
Verse 2 One day I ventured in love Never once suspecting What the final result would be How I lived in fear waking up each morning Find the that you're gone from me The aching pain in my heart for today Was the one I hated to face Somebody new came up to win her And I came out in second place Chorus x2 Tag B7 E The winner looses all Lee Marshall - [email protected] I take requests at this e-mail - [email protected]

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