Sawyer Brown

The Heartland(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: D
Verse 1: 
D                         G      A 
Get closer girl, you know we can make it 
D                            G      A 
Its a lonely world, you know we can break it 
Em                                                A 
You're stuck, out of luck, baby do you need to forget it right 
Em                                                 A 
We got a doubt, let it out, even in the final bout we can fight 
             Em       A 
But it don't mean tonight 

D A We can take it to the heartland G D A If its down to me and you D A We can take it to the heartland Bm G Bm G A We can take it to, we can take it to-whew-woo D Into the heartland
Verse 2 same chords: Every move we make is one step closer Look at what's at stake, baby here's my shoulder You're through turnin' blue thinkin' bout me and you, we can't lose Gotta play never say goin' 'way to 'nother day, you can choose Cause baby we're overdue Chorus twice

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