Sawyer Brown

Still Life In Blue(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: G
Intro: G D G(x2) 
Verse 1: 
G                    D            C 
As I lay hear in the heart of the night 
G                  D    G 
All I do is think about you 
G                            D           C 
I'm dreaming of you till the sun's early light 
G                    D   G 
Its so sad to be without you 
Am                        G 
But baby you don't think about me at all 
Am                      D 
Here in this lonely old room 

C D G Somebody oughta put a frame around me C D G Throw in a shadow or two C D G So you can hang it on your bedroom wall C D Em And call it still life in blue C D G (back to inro) Just call it still life in blue
Verse 2, same chords: I go out walking when the nights get too long I dont remember where I been though I come back home and turn the radio on Whoa and stare out of my window Now I'm a picture of this heartbroken man There's only one thing to do Repeat Chorus to fade, alternating acappella

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