Sawyer Brown

Sometimes A Hero(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: D
Intro: D F#m G A (x2) 
D                   G                               D              G 
The world's full of questions you thought I had the answers for 
D                     Bm         G            A 
I see you look at the world with eyes I had before 
D       F#m   G                G 
You see in me something I never found 
D                       Bm 
'Till I found you by my side 
G                   A       D 
Now I never want to let you down 
Bm But sometimes a hero G A D Seems awfully far from home Bm But even a hero G D A Can't always stop the cold wind when it blows Bm But If you hold tight, the long night G D Will soon be tomorrow Em A And you'll find me when you need D-F#m-G-A (intro)
Sometimes a hero (verse 2, same chords) Without the wind, there would be no sails And If not for you There would be no hero in me There are times I have shined And there are times that I fail Sometimes a hero he'll ride off But he'll be back again another day Chorus repeats twice

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