Sawyer Brown

Sharin' The Moonshine(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: A
Intro: A-D-E-A (4/4 time, 2 beats each) 
Verse 1: 
 A                          D 
There ain?t nothing that?ll rattle your chain 
         E                  A 
Like the top laid back on a Chevrolet 
        F#m                 D 
And the things the midnight makes you say  
When you fall in love 
Verse 2 (same chords): 
And the sundown brings a whole new world 
Of good time boys and late night girls 
It takes your breath and starts to swirl 
Into the stars above 
         D            E 
So let?s share in the moonshine 
           D           E 
Whoa we?re sharing the moonshine 
    D           E         (no chords) 
Yea sharing the moonshine on a hot summer night 
Verse 3 (same v.1 chords): 
When the stars come out and start to play 
The magic melts the blues away 
And at the end of every day 
Is a night time jubilee 
Verse 4 (same v.1 chords): 
And for a lifetime lover you can?t miss 
When it starts in the evening with a gentle kiss 
And old-man Cupid can?t resist 
A twilight mystery 
Bridge/Chorus (twice) 
Outro fading (A-D-E-A) 

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