Sawyer Brown

Ruby Red Shoes(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: A
Well it seemed to be just a dream 
But how is one to know 
There was a cat and a man made of tin 
            D                A 
There was a chick and an old scarecrow 
I got all shook up 
I raised my cup 
To toast that girl I'd seen 
I got my nerve 
I threw a curve 
      D               A 
And I told her what I mean 

D I said ooh ooh A Where'd you get them ruby red shoes They look like they could take a man D To a place he could use We could tap our heels girl A And chase away my blues D E A If I could talk you out of them ruby red shoes
(verse 2, same chords) It ain't hard to tell on a carousel Just where that horse might go So I jumped ship A shootin' from my hip Headed down that golden road Well the sky got black So I turned back I'm not one to steal the show Scarecrow was cool And the cat was too But me and tin man want to know Chorus repeats twice

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