Sawyer Brown

Lesson In Love(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: G
  G   G   G     C   G   G   G     D    (CHORD SHAPES)
Verse 1: (continue hammering bass strings for rhythm) G The more you think, the less you know G Cause every heart?s got a mind of its own G And loves a chance that we all take G Again and again make no mistake G D G It?s another little lesson in love
C G Your heart?s on fire but it won?t burn D G Just a-blowin? smoke until you learn G Am G/B C Answers are questions where love?s concerned G D G Another little lesson in love G D G (to intro, hammering bass) Another little lesson in love
Verse 2: Talk?s been cheap since the dawn of time Ain?t nobody bought those pick-up lines It?s easier to invent the wheel Than to say the way we really feel It?s another little lesson in love Chorus twice

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