Sawyer Brown

Its Hard To Keep A Good Love Down(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: E
    E           E          A   E   A   E
Verse 1 E It?s hard to think of living without you B You?ve been so true how can I doubt your love E Sometimes I see too much of you B And other times I just can?t see enough Bridge A But I still got some change that?s coming E From a dollar?s worth of dime-store loving A B What?s done and said has all been said and done
A B Oh it?s hard to keep a good love down A B Oh it?s hard to keep a good love down A E So hard to keep believing, so hard to keep from leaving A B A B But we only go so far, cause we both know that it?s hard E A E A (intro pattern) To keep a good love down
Verse 2, same chords The spell we?re under I?ll never get over The closer we get the more the fire burns My heart?s in deep over my head Its just a simple case of love and learn Bridge, Chorus

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