Sawyer Brown

It All Comes Down To Love(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: D
Capo on 2nd fret
Intro: D,G,A (hammer on first chord, the D chord starts as Dsus2 
                   but is immediately hammered-on into D) 
D            G               A 
   G                        D 
It all comes down to love 
G                A            D 
(Verse 1) 
D                                    G 
Talking heads talking to us on the television 
A                              G 
Silver screen preachers and politicians 
They say they got an answer 
First they gotta squeeze us 
A                                      G 
Send a little money there's a tax on Jesus 
D                       G 
Fix it with a prayer fix it with a dollar 
         A                       G 
Does anybody out there ever want to holler 
(verse 2, same chords) 
Self help guru has got a best seller 
Ricki Lake's got a drag queen bank teller 
1-900 look into a crystal 
NRA says you better buy a pistol 
They made a little pill but it might cause cancer 
It's just a cheap thrill when 
You're looking for an answer 
(Verse 3, same chords) 
Suits on wall street make another million 
Dealer on the back street talkin' to your children 
You cry for help and nobody listens 
You lie awake at night a wonderin' what's missing 
Don't it make you want to start a new revolution 
look into your heart for the one solution 
Repeat chorus twice  

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