Sawyer Brown

In This Town(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: E
Intro Tab: 
E A In this town there's just one picture show E Not a soul I know E E In this town, in this town A E I'm just somebody new, there's not a lot to do E But hand around F#m B Well they roll up the sidewalks every night at nine A B Its just no place to be and just the place for me Chorus C#m--A Cause in this town A E I never loved you C#m--A In this town A E B You never said you loved me too C#m--A In this town A E I never lost you C#m A And your memory don't come around E B Every time the sun goes down E A (back to intro lick as fill-in) In this town (verse 2, same chords) In this town down at the coffee shop No one asks why you're not there with me And in this town I never have to lie And tell you I'm alright each time we meet No there's no place to go where we used to go But lots of room to hide, oh I think I'll stay a while (repeat chorus x2)

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