Sawyer Brown

Hard To Say(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: C
Intro: (C)  (G)  (D)  (C)  (G)  (D) 
A (D) dark cloud a hangin' out (A7) over my (D) head 
I woke up this morning to an (A7) empty (D) bed 
Why she left me is (A7) hard to (Bm) say 
Well (D) is this fate or (A7) just a bad (D) day 
  (G) Is this bad luck or just bad timin' 
  Or (D) is it the lies I told it's hard to (A7) say 
  (G) Can you get back what's gone they say so 
  (D) If you get down on your knees and believe and pr(A7)ay 
  (C) But some prayers (G) are hard to pr(D)ay 
  (C) Well some things (G) it's hard to (D) say 
Repeat Intro 
(D) Thumb up in the air and I'm a (A7) hitchin' a (D) ride 
Plenty cars passin' but I'm (A7) on the wrong (D) side 
If I cross over will they (A7) go my (Bm) way 
(D) Is this fate or (A7) just a bad (D) day 
Repeat Chorus Twice  
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