Sawyer Brown

Drive Me Wild(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: D
Drive Me Wild (From 'Drive Me Wild' album) 
By Sawyer Brown 
Transcribed by Mike Frazer ([email protected]) 
Played with a lot of enthusiasm (if you've seen these guys on stage you 
know what I mean.  They were great on the Curb Records special on TNN a 
few weeks back.) 
D                   A 
You pulled over and I jump in 
G                      D 
Into your litte red Mercedes Benz 
D              G  A       D      G A 
I know there's no turnin' back 
D                 A 
I don't even care where we are 
G                 n/c 
I just wanna be inside your car 
D G You can drive me wild baby D G You can drive me crazy D G A You just drive me, I don't care with you D Bm Go anywhere, clean outta sight G A Once around the moon, holdin' on tight D Bm Take me by the hand, hold me by the heart G A With you, with you D I'll go anywhere
In the fast lane on a Sunday drive Anywhere we go, I'll be fine Just as long as I'm with you It don't matter when we get back This ain't the time to talk about that (Chorus) BRIDGE: G D If you take me I will go with you anywhere G A I don't know if you know we're goin' somewhere A Goin' somewhere A Goin' somewhere (Solo then Chorus)

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