Sawyer Brown

Did It For Love(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: G
Intro: G Em C D 
*on chords, hit bass strings first for rhythm, 
 then the higher strings 
I had some words with her old man 
When I asked him for her hand 
C                                         D 
Cause eye to eye, you know, we never could see 
Now we're off and we're on our own 
As we head in to the danger zone 
C                                      D 
To find a little pink house for her and me 

G We did it for love Em We did it for satisfaction G It was the rage of the age Em And the hour of the main attraction C D We finally said, enough is enough C D We played it by ear, it came from the heart G Em C D We did it for love
Now Mary Beth is doin' all she can She had her child without her man She never cared to hear what the town folk would say They tried to talk her out of keepin' that boy But in this world she's found no greater joy Now she's a proud mama Watchin' the little man play Chorus (She did it?) My brother fought in the Vietnam war He left his job and his family chores I never understood when he said he couldn't let it be Now it's been twenty years or so He still talks about how regular joes were somethin' man Defendin' the land of the free Chorus (They did it..) Chorus (We did it?)

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