Sawyer Brown

A Different Tune(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: C#m
Intro: No chords 
Chorus 1: (fast) 
I need a harder heart to take the place 
Of this one you break in two 
E                                      B   F#m 
Man I could use a new guitar to play 
F#m           E 
A different tune 
Verse 1: 
Your trail is hot man, it?s still smokin? 
B                          E 
You?re gone for good babe, I ain?t dumb 
I knew you were tired of hearing 
B            E 
The same old song I sung 
You packed up your magazine 
The one that tells you what to do 
A                   C#m 
I?m not the kind of man you need  
   B                     E 
To make your dreams come true 
Chorus 2: 
I need to find a faster car 
   A                      E 
To give you a little more room 
I need a longer lariat 
   A             B 
To lasso you the moon (Chorus 1) 
Verse 2: 
Baby, was I that ripe for the pickin? 
You set your sights like a loaded gun 
The bullet hit but it ain?t stickin? 
It?s hard to shoot when you?re on the run 
I?m the one you set your sights for  
But not the one you?re gonna keep 
You go out runnin? after midnight 
Walkin? in my sleep 
Chorus 2, Chorus 1 

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