Sawyer Brown

800 Pound Jesus(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: D

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	        800 POUND JESUS 
Sung By:  Sawyer Brown 
Album:  Drive Me Wild 
Transcribed by:  Sharlee Maher 
D                                     G 
I saw a garage sale Pulled up in the yard 
                D                                  A 
Found a statue of Jesus That was 8 feet tall 
        D                                     G 
He held out his arms And he seemed all alone 
          D                             G              A 
So I loaded him up And I drove him home 
        D                            G 
Out by my driveway He looks down the street 
           D                                    A 
Long hair and sandals Made of rebar and concrete 
       D                                 G 
I painted him white With a long purple robe 
               D                         G          A 
He's the rock of ages On a gravel road 
            D A            G A                  G     Em      A 
He's an 800 pound Jesus Standing taller then a tree 
               D A            G A                 G            A       D 
He's and 800 pound Jesus A bigger man then you or me 
I thought loosin my job Was the end of the world 
Till my best pal Ran off with my best girl 
I felt suicidal With no real friend 
So I walked outside With a rope in my hand 
Out by the statue There's a big oak tree 
So I hopped on that statue And counted to three 
I had every intention of buying the farm 
But when I jumped off he caught me in his arms 
I wanted to return the favor to him 
Cause I never had a more solid friend 
So I planted some flowers all around his feet 
And I bought him a flock of ceramic sheep 
Once again, hope it sounds as good to you as it does to me.  Any input would 
be welcomed at [email protected] 
God Bless! 

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