Sawyer Brown

48 Hours Till Monday(Chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: E
Intro: E-chord, then pinky finger on low E 3rd fret for bass  
  Played twice, regular E chord into first verse 
E E* E* E Verse 1 E E-intro Its Friday night and I?ve been working all week long E E-intro Well after the rent all I?ve got left is this old song D A D A My baby?s right beside me, we?re gonna have a ball E F#m Ain?t gotta care about anything, anything at all Chorus F#m A E Cause I got 48 hours and 25 dollars in change till Monday F#m A E Put on my skin tight jeans & my shirt with a ketchup stain F#m A Got a hole in my pocket and the world by the tail E F#m And everything?s going my way F#m E A Cause I got 48 hours and 25 dollars in change Verse 2, same chords We?ll get a double dip down at the tasty freeze Listen to the gossip, laugh till we can?t breathe We?ll join the cavalcade of down on home parade Here in our town USA, we really got it made Chorus twice

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