Saves The Day

Let It All Go(Chords)

Saves The Day

Key: B

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Verse 1:
You say I won't forget 
what you said to me 
I won't forget you left 
   Eb/G              Abm 
begging please don't leave 
I want to know 
What in the world  
has happened to you? 
It's time to learn  
   F#     B   
to let it all go 

Verse 2:
So your forsaken cast 
is signed and alone 
Those haunted voices in 
     Eb/G         Abm 
your head are all ghosts 
So long ago Their sideways  
F#                        C#/F 
eyes cut through what you know 
         E       F     B   
Now it's time to let it all go 

Em B You know that I love you F#7 And I can't stand living without you Em But I don't know B F#7 what now i can do oh no no Em B You gotta do something F#7 cuz you can't just keep it inside you Em B it's killing me F#7 and killing you
Guitar Solo: B Eb/G Abm Verse 3: Eb/G Please save yourself F# I'd like to help but you won't C#/F let me through E it's time to learn F# to let it all go (Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: B

Written by Christopher Conley/Saves the Day

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