Sarah Vaughan

And Roses And Roses(Chords)

Sarah Vaughan

Key: D

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	        D               G/A           
Everyday he sent a little present 
                           Em   B7                                                                                     
Just to let me know how very much he cared 
  Em          B7         Em                                                  
Wrote a little love note with each present 
      A7                            D                                                   
But to fall in love had me a little scared 
  Am7       D7             Am     D7                                      
My poor worried heart was almost uncertain 
 G         B7             Em   A7                                           
Shall I fall or shall I let it be 
   D          F#m          Bm4/7   B7                                        
Then he sent a dozen yellow roses 
   Em       A7           D     A7/13-                                           
And that somehow just turned the trick for me 
   D    F#m       Cdim                                                        
Roses,    Roses, Roses 
 B7      Em                 Bm                                                   
 I thank all the roses that bloom in the spring 
 Am  Em     Gm        D                                   
Love is a wonderful thing 
      D/C        G/B     A#6              D    A7/13-                     
The rest of my life, he will bring me 
  D              F#m      Cdim                                                      
Roses and Roses and Roses of love 
  B7     Em               Bm                                                    
Love is a wonderful thing 
  Am   Em    Gm          D                                  
La,  la, la, la, la, la, la, la 
     D/C   G/B    A#6    D                                           
Roses, Roses,       Roses 
   Bm          F#m        Am             Em                                  
I thank you for sayng what we couldn?t day 
   A7             A/G             Am6      B7                               
Oh, what wonderful way to tell me he loves 
Em A7      A#   C    D                                                          
Me each day with roses and roses of love

Written by Dorival Caymmi (English lyrics by Astrud Gilberto)

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