Sarah Jarosz

Mile On The Moon(Chords)

Sarah Jarosz

Key: Em

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Capo on 2nd fret


Intro: Em A 

Em                       A 
Set me free and watch me fall 
Em                     A 
Lose the feeling of it all 
Em                            A 
I wish the night would let me in 
Em                             A 
Back here knocking on the door again 

C G If I ever wake up D A At the right time C G If I ever wake up D A Em I?ll find a way to change your mind
Interlude: Em A (Can add in riff, below) Em A I dreamed we fell into the night Em A Your darkness shined the brightest light Em A We drove for miles on the moon Em A I?d go anywhere with you
Interlude, then Chorus x 2 


  Em             A 

Written by Jedd Hughes/Sarah Jarosz

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