Sara Niemietz


Sara Niemietz

Key: D

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D        G        D        D 
D        G        D        D 

Verse 1:

D D Hold me down when I get restless, G G D lift me up when I am hopeless. D D Pour me out when I feel heavy, G D when I get empty, fill me up.
Interlude D G D D

Verse 2:

D D Do you remember when we used to be fearless, G G D way back when we knew less? D Bm But I still believe in the goodness, E A even when it's hard to find.
D G D D We can shine, shine, shine; D G D D shine, shine, shine.

Verse 3:

Bm E We don't need to know what the future holds, D G just put your hand in mine. Bm E I don't have to see what's ahead of me, Asus4 A let's just take our time.
D G D D And shine, shine, shine, D G D D shine, shine, shine. D G D D Shine, shine, shine, D G D* D** shine, shine, shine.
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