Sara Evans

Saints And Angels(Chords)

Sara Evans

Key: D

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	        Transcribed by: Ron Menold ([email protected]) 
Copyright:      RCA  Records   No Capo   D           C      G 
We're only human,  baby 
D           C      G 
We walk on broken  ground 
G           D 
We  lose our way 
G         D 
We come  unwound 
D              C        G 
We'll turn in circles,  baby 
D            C    G 
We're never  satisfied 
G                D 
We'll fall from  grace 
G              D 
Forget we can  fly 
             G        C              D 
But through all the tears that we  cried 
We'll  survive    
(Chorus)               G          D 
Cause when we're  torn  apart 
Em             C 
Shattered and  scarred 
G             D        Em   C 
Love has the  grace to save us 
            G              D 
We're just two tarnished  hearts 
Em                    C 
When in each other's  arms 
G          D          C 
We become saints  and angels.    
D            C    G 
I love your  imperfections 
D            C    G 
I love your  everything 
G            D       G           D 
Your broken  heart, your broken  wings 
D           C        G 
I love you when you hold  me 
D             C    G 
And when you turn  away 
G           D          G       D 
I love you still and I'm not  afraid 
         G         C              D 
Cause I know you feel the same  way 
And  you'll stay    
(Chorus)   G              C 
These feet of clay (these feet of  clay) 
G              C  D  G 
They will not stray    

Written by Victoria Banks

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