Roger Creager

What's A Lonely Girl To Do(Chords)

Roger Creager

Key: D
D/F# - 2X0232 
Gm   - 355333 
D              D/F# G              Gm 
Paint yourself sad, cry yourself a river 
D              D/F#     Em           A 
Paint yourself cheated, color me the cheater 
D          D/F#  G            Gm     
Play the piano   and sing sad songs 
D         D/F#        Em             A     
Tell all your friends that I did you wrong 
D D/F# G Gm But it wasn?t me, it was you D D/F# It wasn?t anybody Em A If it wasn?t you Em Gm D So what?s a lonely girl to do
Tally up your tears Inventory all the pain Point your fingers where you will I ain?t the one to blame Chorus Bridge: Gm D You?re a lonely girl with no one left to blame Gm A Tell now how do you ease the pain So drink your bitter wine Til you?ve had your fill Then go tangle up your mind Like I know you will Chorus What?s a lonely girl to do

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