Roger Creager

Some Get Rich(Chords)

Roger Creager

Key: E
 E   A   B   E 
E          A 
61st floor way downtown, 
From cubicle 423 
You can't see what's coming down 
The mail lady brings a pink slip 
And an empty box for my desk 
       E             A             B      E 
Says, 'Pack what you brought leave us the rest.' 
Down in the parking garage I pray my truck starts again 
E                             B 
When the CEO passes me in his new Mercedes Benz 
He's toking on a Cuban 
While mine blows out the tailpipe 
E        A              B        E 
Some get rich while the rest get by 
A The rich keep getting richer, but I keep staying poor E I'm working this overtime to help event the score A It feels like I'm working towards the welfare line, F#m B But someday I'll get mine
The big boss man and his jolly pirate crew Were watching and planning And plotting to get away with the loot So clever and so quiet, Wall Street never heard a sound They grabbed the last piece of gold as the ship went down Now there's handcuffs jangling against a Rolex watch And a squad car at the palace there to chauffeur him off But, you know, I'll bet some poor working stiff gets stuck serving the time Cause some get rich while the rest get by (Chorus) I met up with old Saint Peter there At the Great Pearly Gates He told my old boss in front of me, 'Sir you'll have to wait.' Then he waved me on through and he winked his eye He told me, 'Some get rich while the rest get by.'

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