Roger Creager

Should've Learned By Now(Chords)

Roger Creager

Key: G#
Capo on 2nd fret
G            D                  G 
Looks like I really screwed up again 
C                                                 G 
Should've learned by now that I aint never gonna win 
  C                  D                G                        C                G  
I know the reason, I didn?t even ask, I?ve heard it all from relationships past  
        D            G 
Now I?m on my own again 
    D      G                  D                 G 
But as you leave, I say there goes another good woman 
C                                                          G  
Should?ve learned by now, that I can catch ?em, but I cant hold ?em 
C                    D              G                        C              G 
I take it all with a grain of salt, don?t worry darlin' this ain?t your fault 
         D                            G                   
Sometimes you just gotta know when to fold ?em 
D C G Tonight I'm down at the dancehall, I'm a single man D C D I'll be laughin?, and dancin?, and knockin? ?em back, and throwin? caution to the wind C D G C You can search my heart for answers, and what I'm all about G D C G These are my ways, I'll never change, you should've learned by now
I still get down when I think of you I ran you off like a brown card carryin? fool There'll be no justifyin?, not even worth the tryin? I'm wrong, we both know its true You know I'd change if I really thought it'd work I hate bein? responsible for someone else's hurt Like an old broken record, I repeat the same mistakes The flames go up and another heart gets burned Chorus C D F C And I'll turn it all aro-u-n-d Chorus 2: Tonight I'm out at the dance hall, I?m a single man I'll be laughin?, jokin?, drinkin? and smokin?, cuttin? up with all of my friends And there's nothin? in the world more sad than a broken hearted sinner Out in the world, here in this bar, tryin like hell to be a winner G D G Looks like I really screwed up again, C G Should've learned by now, that I aint never gonna win

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