Roger Creager

Let It Roll(Chords)

Roger Creager

Key: G
G                                              D 
I'd like to take this time to thank people who are gathered around me here 
C                                                      G 
at least we've come this far on a really tough road 
G                                                             D 
there are night we sank so low lord it seems hard to imagine 
C                                                              G 
you picked me up and helped me carry the load 
G                                                          C 
sometimes I sing to an empty house and some nights I pack 'em in 
it's hard to know if I'm waiting to lose or losing to win 
it takes a lot of good folks to open up doors you gotta knock again and 
you gave me what I needed so thank you for believing I think I got one foot 
G C G C So here I go one more time giving all I've got word by word and line by line G C D G one more town at a time Loving what I do laying it all on the line
(Jack) G C G C Pack up the gear get out on the highway I gotta keep movin I guess I'll see you around G D maybe in some small cafe with my case at my feet on the ground C D one things for certain one thing I know nothings gonna slow me down G C G I'm gonna let it roll gonna lay it down same old song C G C in a brand new town I hope they care sometimes they don't D G I ain't scared just let it roll

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