Roger Creager

Late Night Case Of The Blues(Chords)

Roger Creager

Key: D
D          A                         G              
It's 2 am another motel room and the boys, they?ll be sleeping soon 
    D                A                     G    
But I'm up and around and feeling blue with not much of anything to do 
   D               A             G 
So maybe I'll walk down the hall, see if I can find anyone at all  
       D      A                   G    
To get up and head out for a beer or we could just sit and talk in here 
      Bm                 A                     G 
Oh it kills me all these slow nights paying my dues 
           D                          G          A                 D 
But, there ain't nothing wrong, just a late night case of the blues 
Somewhere down in my soul an angel lives but he lost control  
And the devil, he gives the dice a roll And he takes my heart for a spin 
But in the morning I'll be fine, the birds will sing and sun will shine 
Cause I'm washed in the blood and born again, but on nights like this I'd even question him 
Forgive me father for being so confused 
Let's just chalk it all up to a late night case of the blues 
The phone's been ringing loud and clear About a thousand miles from here  
And I wonder if she knows my fear Or if she's even home 
Maybe I'll go walking around or take a taxicab downtown  
Or lay a five-dollar bill on the ground by the wino 
While he's sleeping, I can't help but feel like I'm being used 
Lord. Help me get over this late night case of the blues 

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