Roger Creager

I Say When I Drink What I Think When I'm Sober(Chords)

Roger Creager

Key: A
A7 A#/A Bm Am2 I say when I drink what I think when I'm sober A7 A#/A Bm Am2 It loosens my tongue and makes me feel bolder A7 A#/A Bm Am2 A7 A#/A Bm Am2 I'm in the mo-o-o-od to do a little drinking tonight A7 A#/A Bm Am2 Like it or not, this is on my mind A7 A#/A Bm Am2 I could sit here silent or get drunk and confide A7 A#/A Bm Am2 A7 A#/A Bm Am2 Barkeepe another round and I can't keep it inside
Spoken by Roger: Excuse Miss, could I buy you a cocktail? You're so pretty and I just love the way that you...hey Are those real? Huh? Oh, no I mean your eyes, of course They're so beautiful and hey, where you going? Chorus Spoken by Radney: Roger, there are existential, physical and spiritual reasons Why man cannot live by bread alone It's not a simple thing in life It's very complex, it takes a long time and it's excellent What is it, Radney? Brisket and beer Chorus Instrumental Spoken by Roger: Now a friend of mine that drinks an alarming amount Tells me it's not what goes in a man's mouth that defiles him but rather what comes out So as I sit her tonight, I worry not about what I'm drinking But rather how much I'm speaking ?cause it seems every time Chorus (Both)

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