Roger Creager

I Can Too(Chords)

Roger Creager

Key: G
G              D                     C                      D 
I don't blame you, I know it was the only way that it could be 
G                       D                  C                      D 
The only way to put an end to this was for you to put the hurt on me 
C                   D               G             Em 
I started seein' a side of you that I could never know 
G                D 
Until you walked out the door, yeah so I said 
G D C D If you can sleep at night after what we had and G D C D G If you can read my words and say too bad G Em C D If you can keep on doin', exactly what you had to do C D G Yeah if you can live with this, baby I can too G D C D G Hey I can too
G D C D It's on and off just like a switch, you came and then you went G D C D My heart was broken into, before it could've bent C D G Em No way in hell you could leave like that, if you had a heart like mine C D G Save your prayers for yourself, cause I'm fine Repeat Chorus Em D Just in case your keepin' score C G Chalk one up for me Em D You can walk away from true love C D And that's the only way, the only way you'll ever be Repeat Chorus

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