Rodgers and Hammerstein

Ten Minutes Ago(Chords)

Rodgers and Hammerstein

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Key: C
C                 G7 
Ten minutes ago I saw you 
         C                                 G7 
I looked up when you came through through door 
    C            E7 
My head started reeling 
    Am          F 
You gave me the feeling 
C               F           G7 
The room had no ceiling or floor 
C                 G7 
Ten minutes ago I met you 
         C                     G7 
And we murmured our how-do-you-do's 
   C         E7          Am 
I wanted to ring out the bells 
     F           C 
And fling out my arms 
       G7           C 
And to sing out the news 
       F                  C 
I have found her she's an angel 
         F            G7           C 
With the dust of the stars in her eyes 
       F              C 
We are dancing we are flying 
           D7                   G7 
And she's taking me back to the stars 
        C                  G7 
In the arms of my love I'm flying 
      C                      G7 
Over mountain and meadow and glen 
       C          E7 
And I like it so well 
         Am        F 
That for all I can tell 
       C         G7   C 
I may never come down again 
       F                 C    G7   C 
I may never come down to earth again 
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