Robert Klein

They're Playing Our Song His(Chords)

Robert Klein

Key: C
    C             G                C         F 

Verse 1:

C Am Oh ho they?re playing my song Am C Oh yeah they?re playing my song C Am And when they?re playing my song Am F Every body?s got to N.C. Sh Sh Sh F Don?t say a word now Em7 Am Listen to that sweet melody Am7 D7 I?m happy to say D7 In my own humble way N.C. Every perfect note of that was written by me C Oh ho they?re playing my song Am C That table?s humming along C Am That couple half out the door Am F G Is comin? back to hear more of my music Em Am At first I thought this place was a dive Bb I chose it in haste but Bb C Am They show they?ve got taste Dm7 G C As long as they?re playing my song


C Who would have known C Nine months ago F That I would give birth at my piano D7 In all honesty D7 I?ve got to admit G I knew this song would be an international hit
C Am Oh ho they?re playin? my tune Am C Too bad it?s ending so soon C Am But then we all got to go C F G It?s good to know that they?ll be play in? G F G Oh God I?m pray in? Dm Dm7 They?ll be playin? D C They?ll be playin? my song Am C Am D C

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