Robert Cray

(won't Be) Coming Home(Chords)

Robert Cray

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Key: Dm
    Dm   A5   G5  

Dm Gm Bb As her car pulls out the driveway... and she don't wave goodbye A Dm Gm Bb A Dm A5 G5 Dm A5 G5 Her last words echo in my mind 'Listen honey, I gotta get away' Dm Gm Bb Standing here watching her tail lights... as if they're some kind of sign A Dm Gm Bb A Fading into a memory... I just got tired of trying Dm F Gm Dm So long, I hate to see you go Bb Dm but I save my tears for later on down the road Dm F Gm Dm How come you keep me holding on Bb A Dm A5 G5 Knowing you won't be coming home A Dm A5 G5 Dm A5 G5 You won't be coming home Dm Gm Bb Two days later I get a letter... a picture of a room in some hotel A Dm Gm Bb Dm A5 G5 Dm A5 G5 Sitting framed up on the table... a picture that I know quite well Dm You've painted yourself in to a corner Gm Bb Now you're trying to paint something new A Dm Gm Bb A And the lipstick on the letter is a goodbye kiss from you
C Gm Bb F I still set the table... still set it for you and me C Gm Bb A A7 It's become a habit... my own personal make believe
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