Robert Cray

The Forecast(Chords)

Robert Cray

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Key: Gm7
From: [email protected] 
Subject: crd:'The Forecast' by Robert Cray 
NOTE: There's a simple rift played over the Gm7 that gives the song 
its character. Don't go on stage without it. 
(Gm7)Coffee for my breakfast (C)shot of (Bb) whiskey on the (Gm7) side 
(Gm7)It's a dark and dreary morning with the (C) clouds covering 
 (Bb) up the (Gm7) sky 
(CHORUS) (Gm7)the forecast calls for (C) pain, the forecast calls 
           for (Gm7) 
         My (Bb) baby's turning cold and the (C) forecast (Bb) calls 
           for (Gm7) pain 
We stayed up all night talking, she's grown restless she confessed 
She says there's no one new, but deep down I know that's next 
(Bridge) She (C) says she tried and tried yes she (Gm7) has 
         but slowly her love has died 
         I can (C) see that deep down inside she's (Gm7) changed 
         The forecast calls for (C) pain, the foreacst calls 
         for (Gm7) pain 
         The forecast calls for (C) pain, yeah, yeah, (Gm7) yeah 
Play verse and chorus with lead 
I can hear approaching thunder, I can feel chill run up my spine 
I've seen love freeze before and I know I'm on borrowed time 
(stay on the Gm7 here) I can feel the thunder, I can see the lightning 
                       I can feel the pain, oh it's gonna rain 
(CHORUS) and end! 
compliments of Bob Reilly ([email protected]) and the 
 Ready by August Band 
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