Robert Cray

Smokin Gun(Chords)

Robert Cray

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Key: Em
Intro: Em (4x) 

verse 1 

I get a constant busy signal when I call you on the phone 
I get a strong uneasy feeling you're not sitting there alone 
Em         Am 
I'm having nasty nasty visions and baby you're in every one, yeah 
Am                                             B7               Em 
And I'm so afraid I'm gonna find you with that so called smokin gun 

Em (2x) 

verse 2 

Maybe you want to end it, you've had your fill of my kind of fun 
But you don't know how to tell me and you know that I'm not that dumb 
Em    Am 
I put 2 and 1 together and you know that's not an even sum 
Am                                          B7                Em 
And I know just where to catch you with that well known smokin gun 

(this repeats twice) 
Em 2x 
(Same chords/structure as Verse) 

Em 2x 

verse 3 

I'm standing here bewildered, I can't remember just what I've done 
I can hear the sirens whining, my eyes blinded by the sun 

I know that I should be running, my heart's beating just like a drum 
Am                                             B7                   Em 
Now they've knocked me down and taken it, that still hot and smokin gun 

(optionally stay on Em or alt B7/Em as in end of Verses) 

Yeah, yeah, still hot smokin gun 
they've taken it, still hot smokin gun 
Oh they've taken it, still hot smokin gun 
they've Knocked me down, they've taken it, oh, oh 
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