Robert Cray

Shes Gone(Chords)

Robert Cray

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Key: C
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 00:38:40 +0100 
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Subject: crd:c/cray_robert/she's_gone 
She's gone        Robert Cray from the album False accusations 
C                                F    G - C 
Standing in the doorway, she was crying 
C                                     F  G - C 
Big as live, She was weaving me good-bye 
C                          F  G - C 
Fool that I am, I saw it coming 
C                                      F  G - C 
And did not have to guess, the reason why 
C                                 F  G - C 
She said again and again, I'll be going 
C                                F  G - C 
And one day you'll gone be here alone 
C                                       F 
And right now, I'm starting to believe her 
Dm  Em                F      Ab 
She just aint leavin' she's gone 
Am                                    C 
This aint the first time that I, been through this 
Am                C 
I know the price, I'm gonna pay 
Am                       C                        Dm 
you see I got one ex-wife already and it looks like, 
  Em           F     Ab 
I got another on the way 
                 C           F     G - C 
She could always tell, I was lying 
C                        F                G - C 
And god knows, that I be lying all the time 
C                                            F 
And sitting here right now you know that I'm dying 
          Dm               Em      F      Ab 
 'cause I could not keep myself in line 
            Am                        C 
And it's to late I'm gonna need her 
Am                                  C 
and the nights are getting cold and long 
Am                                      C 
and I never will forget that front door slamming 
           Dm                  Em           F   G   C 
You know because She just aint leavin she's gone 
I'm not shure about the Ab, so if anybody got hints youre welcome 
Philip Frankort 
[email protected] 
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